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Foaling Services

Simply contact us and we will schedule arrival of your mare at the appropriate time.

Our southern location is host to early spring weather and mild winters, optimal for foaling within
the state of Illinois.

To monitor expecting mares, we provide a team of round the clock professionally trained and
experienced caring people. We also employ an EquiFone system, and live video cameras.

Founder Holly Lewis, Bachelor of Equine Science is professionally trained with experience in
working at multiple foaling/breeding barns, is present at every delivery. If needed, she may be
accompanied by our veterinarian, whom also specializes in equine reproduction.

Newborn foals are monitored keenly. Exceeding standard health practices, colostrum levels of
the new mother are tested and foals’ temperatures are accessed daily. Imprint training is
performed during the first week of the foal’s life.