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The company is owned and managed by Holly (Mathis) Lewis. Holly has been professionally trained in the
Thoroughbred industry.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from Southern Illinois University,
specialized in Thoroughbred reproduction and care.  In addition to being formally educated in equine science
and management, she has also worked for others within the Thoroughbred industry. As a child she enjoyed
horseback riding and has been a horse owner most of her life. While working at Lone Cedar Farm, a racehorse
breeding and training facility, she decided she wanted her own business. The construction of Ridgewood
Stables began soon after.

Holly has also utilized pictures taken by her for client updates on her website FineArtAmerica.com. Please take a
moment to view her art containing Bible verses & inspirational quotes

At the farm, Ridgewood specializes in providing highly individualized services to the thoroughbred industry.  
These services include a variety of options for broodmares, youngsters requiring daily attention and handling,
and post-operative rehabilitative service for recovering horses.

Ridgewood Stables has built it’s current reputation, in both the boarding operation and the racing partnerships,  
by providing clients and partners with an uncompromising level of quality. “We believe in hard work, we will
always go the extra mile to make sure things get done right. We employ only the industries leading professionals
as jockeys, trainers, and vets both at the farm and on the track.

Ridgewood’s reputation is quickly growing. They currently manage bloodstock for some of the industry's leading
owners and have managed racing partnerships for partners located across the nation and around the globe.